I take pictures. That’s really the core of it! I have years of experience with a vast arsenal of cameras and equipment, which I’ve gradually reduced to a set of well-used, versatile, comfortable tools.

It’s important to me that people are comfortable, so I use small cameras and quick, portable lights that I can use to swing by a table of happy party guests and snap a magazine-worthy shot in the time it takes them to raise their glasses.

Fast, flexible and fun!

What you get

Same-day shareables
On the day of the event I’ll provide a small selection of photos for you to share with your friends or on social media.

One-week turnaround
You’ll receive the full set of photos within one week — but I strive to have it ready within a few days.

Online private gallery
The photos will be provided as a private online gallery which you can easily download or share, if you like.

All your photos, obviously.
All photos are offered at full resolution, colour-corrected and touched up where needed, with no extra costs. They’re your photos!


No hidden costs
I charge a fair price for my work, and that’s that. We’ll discuss your needs beforehand and, if we agree on a price, that’s that!

No limits and restrictions
The photos I make for you are yours to use. You can download them, share them, print them, whatever you like.

(I’m a full-service kind of guy, so there’s not a lot you don’t get 🙂

Full day wedding

A wedding is more than a ceremony and portraits, it’s a spectacular celebration you get to share with the people who matter most to you.

From the preparations in the morning, getting your hair and clothes in order, to the family’s rapt attention during the ceremony, to the joyous reception and party afterward, I’ll be there from the morning to the evening to capture every detail of the day.

€ 1250

plus travel costs, if needed

Multi-day wedding

Because sometimes one day isn’t enough.

€ 1000 / day

plus travel & lodging costs, if needed


Because sometimes one day isn’t enough.

€ 100 / hour

plus travel costs, if needed