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New Profile PicAs a wedding photographer, I have the best job in the world, second only, perhaps, to an astronaut – although they have to deal with those weird Space Toilets – so I suppose I have the best job after all.

I come from a large family, so weddings were a big part of my upbringing. With a dozen aunts and uncles on each side, not to mention a slew of grown-up cousins, there was always someone getting married.

But it was never the posed group photos that wound up framed on the wall. Those stayed in the albums, brought out once or twice a decade when it was time to reminisce.

Instead, the pictures we hung on our walls were always those little found moments, often captured by a watchful uncle. The father of the bride pretending he’s not crying. Teenagers rolling their eyes at their parents’ dancing. An up-and-coming niece boldly upstaging the bride with her own stunning party dress. The bawdy aunts sharing a ribald joke, and the stately men posturing by bribing the accordionist to play an old standby, not realising that he’s been paid already.

And the darling couple so rapt in their first dance they didn’t notice it started raining.

These are the moments that define a wedding. And it’s these moments that I hunt for.

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My name is Nico Janssen.

I’m a born Amsterdammer, the son of an educated rocker from Jakarta and an adventuress from Belfast, natively fluent in Dutch and English.

I’ve been a writer, an editor, a voice actor, and wrote a comic that won a little award. Creativity is in my blood, but none of my exploits hold a candle to my love and devotion for photography.

I take keen, personal pride in my work, and strive to earn the confidence of the couples who entrust me with documenting their special day.

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Plain pricing: € 1000

That’s it. No hourly rates, no surcharges.

Some photographers charge for the number of photos, but I think this is an old-fashioned business model, unsuited to the digital age. There’s no practical limit to how many photos I can shoot over the course of your wedding, so why shouldn’t you have all of them?

I see photography as a service: I charge for my skill, my investments and my time, and for this simple price I offer my services as a photographer for the full day of your wedding, shooting upwards of four hundred magazine-quality photos, and the hours I spend in the digital darkroom.

There are no extra charges for touch-ups; I refuse to deliver an unfinished product, so I edit every single photo I shoot. All part of the service.

Of course, everyone’s needs and budgets are different – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

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Every memory.

When I see something beautiful, or touching, or funny, I bring my camera up to my eye out of reflex. I just can’t resist.

If a treasured guests is delayed and arrives after the portraits are done, no problem – I’ll set my lights up again and shoot some more. Whisper to me that a great-aunt travelled far to attend the wedding, and I’ll make sure she receives special attention.

If the sunset catches your eye and you want to slip away with your new spouse for a romantic photo on the beach or balcony, I’ll be right there with you.

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Every moment.

There’s so much more to a wedding than just exchanging rings.

The excitement of the preparations, curlers and cufflinks, the gathering of guests, the blissful anticipation – and then the ecstasy and relief after the ceremony, the cheering and all that ridiculous dancing.

These are the moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so I’ll be there bright and early, and stay until the sun goes down, as long as you need me. I don’t charge by the hour, so I won’t be watching the clock.

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Quality assured.

I know what I’m doing, rest assured.

Wedding photos should look like they belong in a magazine. Colourful, vibrant, rich with emotion.

Whatever it takes, at the end of the day you’ll have hundreds of memories worth cherishing.

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Engaged and discreet.

To capture the life and spirit of a big party you have to get involved. It’s not enough to hover on the sidelines like a weird spy. I strive to make people comfortable with my presence, with charm and humour.

But a wedding is more than a party alone. During the ceremony, my job is to be invisible. It’s your moment.

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The personal touch.

Every wedding is special. Different colours, cultures, themes. You’ve thought about every detail, from the paper of the invitations to the ribbons on the flowers.

Your photos should be just as memorable, and I’ll ensure they match your vision.

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No hidden costs.

All your photos will be edited and made available, at full resolution, in a private on-line gallery you can share with your guests.

There are no weird fees for downloading or sharing, and prints are cheap.

They’re your photos, plain and simple.

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How does this work?

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Before anything’s set in stone, we’ll meet for a no-strings-attached conversation to discuss your preferences and desires.

The venues you’ve chosen, the rough plan of the day, the number of guests, and what kind of photos you admire.

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to get to know one another. A wedding is a personal, intimate thing.

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Any event that involves as many people as a wedding is prone to chaos, so it’s important to prepare well!

I’ll contact the venue hosts, wedding planner, and whoever else is involved in the organization of the day to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Which locations are available for the family portraits, whether flash is permitted in the venue (after the ceremony, of course), and dozens of other little things, so you won’t have to worry.

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The next step, of course, is to get married!

I’ll capture the preparations, the arrival of the guests, and the first time the bride and groom lay eyes on each other.

During the ceremony, it’s my job to be discrete. This is your moment, and that means no flash, no noise, and no distraction.

It’s traditional to arrange the portraits right after the ceremony – if only because it’s the easiest moment to get all the relatives and friends together – but your wishes and plans come first.

After that? Dinner and dancing, or something more outlandish? You decide, and I’ll be there.

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Your guests will be posting their photos on Facebook within hours of the event, so why should you wait?

The first selection of photos will be ready for sharing either on the day of the wedding, or at the latest the day after.

The full gallery of photos will follow within a week, after they’ve all been edited and uploaded.

You can share your photos online, order prints, or download them all and print them yourself; they’re your photos.

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Drop me a line

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Whether you’ve already got the date and venue booked, or you’re freshly engaged and just exploring options, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

I’m happy to answer any questions you
might have, and I’m eager to hear about your plans, even if they’re in very early stages.

Maybe you need something more ambitious than what’s outlined above, or maybe your wedding is a modest, private elopement. There’s nothing you can ask that’s so outlandish I haven’t heard it before.

Whatever the case, we can work together to tailor my services to your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Nico Janssen

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