LVM Cargo Salo-Salo Party

At the turn of the year I was asked if I’d be available in June to shoot a dinner & dancing party for a Dutch shipping company, LVM Cargo, that specialised in transport to the Philippines – as soon as I heard that last word, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

An evening party with great food and a massive crowd of beautiful brown people who loooove having their picture taken? Pretty much my dream job.

I knew one of the organisers already, the lovely Rhea, and the preparations were in full swing when I arrived. The team who set up the party were incredible – resourceful, attentive, and supremely focused. Tablecloths were cut to size and hemmed on the spot and a small argument broke out over the colour of the water in the candle glasses (at least I think it was an argument; it ended in laughter).

The guests arrived in a typical Philippino trickle, many of them making a bee-line to either the delicious buffet or the market upstairs, where jewellery, clothing, and foodstuffs from the motherland were on sale. The hostess and host (a Philippina sensation and a Dutchman respectively) addressed the crowd in the usual jumble of English, Dutch, Spanish and Tagalog, musicians took the stage to serenade the dinner guests, and raffles dispensed fabulous prizes.

And then there was dancing.

Once enough of the guests had followed the bravest (or drunkest) pioneers onto the dance floor, Walter (the schedule-keeper of the evening) strode to the front and set the example with smooth, cat-like steps which the other dancers all too gladly copied, turning the dance floor into an undulating spectacle which, quite frankly, my humble skills barely do justice.

Take a look for yourself!



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