Beach Day, Jul ’14

Summer is a capricious old maid in this neck of the woods. She’ll twirl her skirts at you for the longest time and then dance right past you, light-footed, out the door and you’re left to wonder if you’ll hear the ringing of her toe-bells again. Then she taps you on the shoulder, kisses you […]

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Team BBQ, Jul ’14

After work, we enjoyed a little get-together with too much food. Good weather, great company, delicious food from the grill and the Thai-style barbecue-cookpot Melle brought along… What a wonderful way to close the day!  

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Eva’s Birthday

With summer finally reasserting itself after a false start in April, we couldn’t ask for finer weather to celebrate the birthday of my sister-in-law-kind-of-beause-David-and-I-aren’t-married-but-whatever, Eva. Hosted by her father and his wife Judith (some of the finest hosts whose hospitality I’ve had the pleasure of exploiting) we enjoyed the sun in their garden, under the […]

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Lilou’s Baptism in Champagne

Despite (or thanks to) having such a large family I’m not particularly up-to-date on how to describe various relatives, so let me try to be as specific as I can. This weekend, three of my father’s sons (including me) and one of their girlfriends spent far too long in a car that was far too […]

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Schiphol Silhouettes ’14

This last week was rather special. Every year around this time, the precession of the sun and my evening commute align so that beautifyl warm light streams through the glass facade of Schiphol Airport. It’s a rare configuration; most of the rest of the year the sun is blocked by nearby buildings when it’s so […]

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Christmas Dinner with the In-Laws

On Boxing Day, David’s dad Cees and his wife Judith invited us for dinner, along with several other relatives. There was a strong Brazilian contingent, though the food was wholesomely European. Once the feast had settled we started into the gifts, stacked under the trees, and a supposed Brazillian tradition that required every opened gift […]

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Artis Zoo, Aug ’13

It’s been years since I visited Artis, a classy old zoo in a throbbing ventricle of Amsterdam, and I’d got this new lens to test, so… Artis has always been a delightful place just to walk around and explorer, and hopefully encounter some interesting creatures. While some of the big cats, to my mind, could […]

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