Schiphol Silhouettes ’14

This last week was rather special. Every year around this time, the precession of the sun and my evening commute align so that beautifyl warm light streams through the glass facade of Schiphol Airport.

It’s a rare configuration; most of the rest of the year the sun is blocked by nearby buildings when it’s so low on the horizon, so when I noticed it for the first time, I was captivated. I took out my phone, kneeled down and took some pictures of silhouetted people crossing that incredible light, consciously thinking about contrast and tone and composition, and beginning my passionate love-affair with photography.

Last year I was regrettably too busy with work to exploit this rare alignment, so when it rolled around this year, I took ten minutes a day just to discretely catch some shots of anonymous, ethereal passers-by, capturing a vague and fleeting snapshot of a person in the limbo between A and B, and here are the best ones.

– Nico


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