Pilar’s Family Shoot

Pilar’s sisters and their retinue came to Holland to visit her from Spain, and to commemorate the occasion she asked me to come to Rotterdam to do a family photoshoot in a lovely sunlit park. I was somewhat surprised by the choice of loca…tion; I’d expected they’d favor a more typically Dutch setting — but […]


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Classical and Jazz • Newstalgia

I was approached by Bulgarian classical pianist Tsarina to shoot some promotional photos for her new project Newstalgia: joining forces with a trio of jazz musicians, together they’ll explore the borderland between discipline and intuition, in performances that meld classical composition with jazz improvisation. This was a particularly difficult assignment, because the tone of the […]

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Abbey Road Portraits

When such talents as Fox Amoore, Travis Ratledge, Amadhia and Alexander James Adams are hanging about the studio lounge waiting to record – or traipsing victoriously through London afterward – what can a humble photographer do but shoot? I ask you. – Nico.

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Movember 2013: After

A little late to post, but better late than never! The Mo Bros at my company did a great job, sculpting their precious face fuzz into the most ludicrous shapes. While all of them claimed they were looking forward to shaving it all off again, I’m frankly not sure I believe any of them. Nico […]

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Movember 2013: Before

My November is usually dedicated to NaNoWriMo (about which I’ll write more soon), but at my company it’s all about Movember. This is an international charitable initiative which raises awareness and donations for male health issues, predominantly bum- and ball-cancer. Rather than running marathons however, the participants raise money from their personal sponsors by growing […]

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Portraits in the park.

Fellow photographer, DJ and engineer Daniel Wood had a guest this weekend. Alex, who’s best described as the bastard love-child of the tenth and eleventh Doctor Who, was visiting from England. Spring sprung upon the country and apologized for her tardiness with a splendid, warm weekend, so we took to the park for some portraits. […]

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Rogacion Family

Yesterday I travelled to Hoofddorp for a cozy indoor session with the Rogacion family. My host, Dennis Rogacion, picked me up and immediately took a one-hour detour to pick up his brother’s family as well, which is technically cheating but they promised to make me lunch and, people, I’m not made of stone. Not when […]

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