Movember 2013: Before

My November is usually dedicated to NaNoWriMo (about which I’ll write more soon), but at my company it’s all about Movember.

This is an international charitable initiative which raises awareness and donations for male health issues, predominantly bum- and ball-cancer. Rather than running marathons however, the participants raise money from their personal sponsors by growing a moustache.

This seems to me a much more sensible and less exhausting way to collect money for a good cause. It becomes a game of brinksmanship. The men shave themselves clean as a mirror on November 1st and then let nature take its course, guided, of course, by a razor’s edge. By November 30 the competition reaches a head: who’s grown the coolest / most outrageous Mo?

I participated the first time the initiative hit my company, but I’m way too attached to my lush and fulsome beard to give it up — it’s winter! It’s cold! And it’s not just for the boys either. The Mo Bros, as the participants are called, are supported by Mo Sistas, who organize donation-gathering activities themselves.

Here’s a sample of the brave Bros (and a cheeky Sista) who’ve donated their faces for a good cause this month.

Stand by: in a few week’s time, we’ll see them again… 🙂

  • Nico

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