Patricia & Laurent

In Proud French Tradition.

Laurent is a friend from work who shares a passion for photography, and who invited me to attend his wedding with all the subtlety and reserve the French are known for (none).

This wedding was a bit different for me, though: they’d already hired two official photographers, and invited numerous shutterbug relatives and friends to document the occasion. This required me to alter my usual habits; rather than moving around and getting close to the subjects, I tried to hang back and remain predictable, so as not to interfere with the official photographers’ work. It really wouldn’t do for me to impose myself like that – honor among photogs, and all that.

It gave me a chance to put my brand new 85mm f/1.2 lens through its paces. It’s a People Lens, through and through, and it held up fantastically. Take a look! The day was lavish and tasteful; we awaited the darling couple in a sun-lit castle, Chateau Marquette, and they arrived in style. A stretch ’50s Excalibur rolled up to the castle gates, and we followed the beautiful bride and dashing groom into the ceremony hall.

The officiant gave a history of the castle (she was REALLY into her history) and aptly narrated both in Dutch and French. I was impressed with the conciseness of her speech; she didn’t always translate each section in both languages, but she’d go back and forth such that even if you only understood half of what she said, you got the full gist of the story.

I felt a twinge of photographer’s impulse as the official photographers wove their way through the space, but thankfully my friend Karen was sitting beside me to remind me not to get in their way!

With the ceremony completed, everyone poured out into the beautiful courtyard and Laurent set about cutting the cake. He’d effusively boasted about this cake to me in advance. A typical French tradition, apparently, it’s basically a pyramid of profiteroles cemented together with crystalline caramel, and it had taken some work to find a baker in Holland who could make one. It’s not an easy thing to disassemble, and the crowd cheered him on as he battled the pastry (and dropped the bride’s portion by mistake!).

Thank you, Laurent and Patricia, for letting me share this wonderful day!



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