Mark & Grant

August was a fairly busy month, seeing me to Denver, Atlanta, Berlin and finally to Dallas, for the wedding of my friends Mark and Grant. I’ve known them for a decade or more, as the rise of their publishing enterprise took place during my other life as a writer. I hadn’t seen them in two […]

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Amber & Eric

High in the mountains of Colorado, in the Golden Gate Canyon Park, stands a rustic homestead called the Lazy Squaw Ranch, which is also (less racistly) known as the Harmsen House. It was this beautiful place, with four bedrooms and fireplaces galore, that served as the Base of Operations for Amber and Eric’s wedding.They are, […]

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Nicole & Jeffrey, Part 1

Nicole & Jeffrey invited me to photograph their wedding after we met at my last gig in California, Brian & Jeanette’s wedding in May ’12. Good food, beautiful weather, clear skies… all right, twist my arm. They had decided to split the wedding into two events; a ceremony and reception for relatives, followed by a […]

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Nicole & Jeffrey, Part 2

Nicole & Jeffrey’s second ceremony, for friends and fans, was originally to be held at Joshua Tree National Park. However, the United States government shutdown also closed down the national parks, four days before the event. Nicole’s family had questioned her nigh-obsessive diligence in preparing the events to the tee, including several backup plans, so […]

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Lorraine & Josbert

A Dutch-Irish Wedding in Dutch-Irish Weather A Dutch-Irish wedding needs Dutch-Irish weather, and late June didn’t disappoint. Grubby clouds and angels’ teardrop rain posed a looming threat, but their bullying didn’t impress anyone. The heavens withheld their deluge, the air was balmy and the wind was mild; Lorraine and Josbert could get married in peace – […]

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Yvonne & Ulrich

The Spirit of Amsterdam. Here’s a sample from Friday’s wedding between the radiant, effervescent Yvonne and the staunch-but-cheeky Ulrich. For both of them, this was their second marriage – a desert rose of late-blooming love, all the sweeter in its maturity. The guests reflected this: gentlemen of stature and ladies of dignity, all of them. […]

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Patricia & Laurent

In Proud French Tradition. Laurent is a friend from work who shares a passion for photography, and who invited me to attend his wedding with all the subtlety and reserve the French are known for (none). This wedding was a bit different for me, though: they’d already hired two official photographers, and invited numerous shutterbug […]

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