Lorraine & Josbert

A Dutch-Irish Wedding in Dutch-Irish Weather

A Dutch-Irish wedding needs Dutch-Irish weather, and late June didn’t disappoint. Grubby clouds and angels’ teardrop rain posed a looming threat, but their bullying didn’t impress anyone.

The heavens withheld their deluge, the air was balmy and the wind was mild; Lorraine and Josbert could get married in peace – and in style. A feisty Irish lass and a towering Dutchman don’t make the likeliest couple at the best of times, and these two met on vacation in Thailand of all places.

At their home in Blaricum the bride and groom first laid eyes on one another and, after a little champagne-vs-tuxedo emergency, I joined the guests in heading up to the venue to await their grand entrance.

The Theetuin, ‘Tea-Garden’, is a lovely venue in the town of Eemnes with fragrant gardens and delightful indoor markets, and it was here that the relatives and friends could mingle. The Irish showed their colours, making great efforts to forge strong bonds between the two families. Warmly, loudly, and beverage-ly, as one would expect.

The darling couple, those crazy kids, rolled up in a gleaming red convertible, and after a great deal of hugging and kissing the crowd were ushered to the ceremonial gazebo. Herma, the officiant, gave a cracking speech in which she smoothly mixed the legal requirement for the core ceremony to be in Dutch with creative sprinklings of English loanwords and phrases so nobody was left out.

And then the job was done. They sealed the deal with a kiss and a cheer and off they went for cake and pictures and outrageous gossip, before a carpool stampede saw the collected guests to the dinner venue.

De Kalkovens, a restaurant that takes its name from the erstwhile chalk-ovens whose chimneys still tower over the sailing town of Huizen, was a cozy and welcoming place, with bountiful food and a lovely terrace and a view over the marina.

The families bonded with fine Dutch wine and Irish conversation, and bets were taken on how long the bride’s brother’s speech would last. A little over three minutes by my count, then a cheer, a toast, and a hearty dinner.

Good job, Lorraine & Josbert!

– Nico Janssen.


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