Mark & Grant

August was a fairly busy month, seeing me to Denver, Atlanta, Berlin and finally to Dallas, for the wedding of my friends Mark and Grant.

I’ve known them for a decade or more, as the rise of their publishing enterprise took place during my other life as a writer. I hadn’t seen them in two years, and I was delighted to accept their invitation to attend and shoot their wedding.

Now, Dallas isn’t quite there yet when it comes to marriage equality, so the couple had gone to California a month before to get the official paperwork in order, saying their formal vows under the Golden Gate bridge – which was depicted in tribute on the wedding cake.

More than anything, the couple wanted their friends and family to have a good time, so the wedding was centered entirely around a lovely dinner in the ballroom of the Maggiano’s restaurant they’d frequently patronized.

(As an aside, they’d taken me there to dine when I visited in 2012 and the food was so good and bountiful that I suspected they were fattening me up for some gingerbread witch’s oven.)

My friend Tim was the officiant, a deservedly successful writer who’d also officiated Jeannette and Brian’s wedding a few years ago, whose words were moving and true. He spoke about the importance of marriage in the relatioinship between the couple and their community, as much as between one another.

And then there was food. Good lord, was there food.

Somewhere in the distance, I thought I heard the cackling of a gingerbread witch…

Congratulations, Mark and Grant!

– Nico



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