Yvonne & Ulrich

The Spirit of Amsterdam.

Here’s a sample from Friday’s wedding between the radiant, effervescent Yvonne and the staunch-but-cheeky Ulrich.

For both of them, this was their second marriage – a desert rose of late-blooming love, all the sweeter in its maturity. The guests reflected this: gentlemen of stature and ladies of dignity, all of them.

That is, until we got to the restaurant and the belly-dancing started…

Have you seen a German octogenarian shake his tailfeather before? I have, now. I have lived, I tell you.

As great as the food was at the Turkish restaurant, it had an interior design feature that made this poor photographer’s life a good deal more difficult than it should have been: along the ceiling was a strip of very bright LED illumination that cycled through all the colours of the spectrum, so every single photo of the evening had to be individually, carefully and painstakingly color-graded…

Totally worth it though. After all, in the words of Vin Diesel, “Ah live for dis sh*t.”

Yvonne, Ulrich, have a great time in Macedonia!


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