Nicole & Jeffrey, Part 2

Nicole & Jeffrey’s second ceremony, for friends and fans, was originally to be held at Joshua Tree National Park. However, the United States government shutdown also closed down the national parks, four days before the event.

Nicole’s family had questioned her nigh-obsessive diligence in preparing the events to the tee, including several backup plans, so while the couple were disappointed that Joshua Tree couldn’t be the venue for their ceremony, I think Nicole felt vindicated in her forethought.

The new venue was Moorten’s Botanical Garden, whose owner delighted in hosting such a colourful, beautiful wedding among the cacti and succulents.

An eclectic array of friends gathered to celebrate the couple’s union, quite handsomely bedecked. After the ceremony we availed ourselves of the gorgeous flora for some portraits, which got crazier with every passing shot, until we dispersed and reconvened at a Tacky-Tiki hotel that held a special place in the couple’s heart.

Barbecues were fired up, pools were splashed in, and… Well, I probably ought not to mention in too great detail what went on there.

Thank you, Nicole & Jeffrey, and congratulations!


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