Nicole & Jeffrey, Part 1

Nicole & Jeffrey invited me to photograph their wedding after we met at my last gig in California, Brian & Jeanette’s wedding in May ’12. Good food, beautiful weather, clear skies… all right, twist my arm.

They had decided to split the wedding into two events; a ceremony and reception for relatives, followed by a second ceremony and a BBQ/pool party the next day.

Oh, and the best part? The wedding was themed: Old West and Victorian.

The venue for the family ceremony was a gorgeous, rustic railroad museum, where we gathered to rehearse, followed by a quick costume fitting, rehearsal dinner, and bachelor(ette) parties. You know, a nice, languid schedule.

The bride rose and went to her mother’s house to prepare for the big day while the groom slept in (as is, I understand, tradition), and serenely traveled to the venue where her father walked her down the aisle in the pleasant shade of a gazebo.

The mother of the bride read a beautiful poem about love that cracked the crowd up right, and once the deal was sealed with rings, a smooch, and the approval of Padre Greg, it was time for the reception.

There was, I believe, some dancing involved.


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