Railroad Museum

On a rainy sunday, David and I went to the National Railroad Museum. David has a passion for engineering, the cast-ironer the better. It was about time that I took him out for a nice adventure.

Regrettably the museum’s website had deceived us, promising that the the Arend, a 1939 replica of the first (together with its twin, the Snelheid) train to pull between Amsterdam and Haarlem a century earlier, would be fired up and roll a stretch to keep in shape. Alas, no such item on the agenda.

Still, there was plenty to see and walk around and climb on and fiddle with. I honestly couldn’t tell you a thing about the matériel we saw, I’m afraid I’m not much of a dieselhead.

But I certainly admired the gleaming brass and shiny paint, the craftsmanship that went into these fine old machines.


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