Seamus’ birthday (and workshop move)

For his birthday, my friend Seamus asked that we help him move his workshop into a new space he’d rented. Way to party, dude.

The space was an abandoned primary school attached to a still-functioning daycare centre. The school looked marvellous; lots of floors connected by spiral staircases, loads of open space that begged to be run around and up and down in.

We were joined by Seamus’ parents, and I must say I’m rather proud of my friends for managing to keep our thoroughly modern and definitely R-rated sense of humour compatible with his folks’ more traditional sensibilities.

His dad’s people carrier became both a cargo transport and a clown car; on every run we somehow managed to cram in more stuff and more people, until finally the job was done.

To celebrate, we concluded with a nice dinner in a Portugese restaurant. I couldn’t resist the grilled sardines; they were a highlight of my trip to Lisbon with David last year.



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