Beach Day!

Summer is a rare commodity in Holland, so now that the season is well and truly upon us, what better way to celebrate than a day at the beach? We gathered a colorful cocktail of new and old friends and set off for a day of sun, sand and silliness. Chasing a frisbee, playing radical […]

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Johan’s 70th Birthday

Given that I’m Irish-Indonesian and work at a rather multinational company, the only time I really get to taste essential Dutch culture is when I shoot a wedding or a party – and hallelujah, today is such a day. A former classmate from the old stomping grounds pinged me a few weeks ago, whether I’d […]

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Cabbagecon 2013

The circumstances which brought me to a hotel in the windy coastal town of Zandvoort-aan-zee might, with a measure of generosity, be described thus: I was on assignment, as a photographer, with a journalist writing for the Independent. The penthouse floor of this nondescript hotel played host to a curious, wonderful little event: Cabbagecon, a […]

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Self-Portraits in Studio

In an unusual fit of householdy ambition, I cleared out half of my cluttered home office to create a tiny, tiny studio space. Using only the lighting gear I already have, a very modest set of two flashes and stands, plus a few light modifiers, I’ve been experimenting with self-portraits. I’m not a huge fan […]

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Queen’s Day

I have hazy memories from my earliest childhood of the festivity and excitement of Koninginnedag, Queen’s Day, which is not the Queen’s birthday, but never mind that now. I’ve stopped going to Amsterdam for the celebration, way too busy. If you need to pee, you’ll soon be in dire straits — and this is in […]

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Spring Constitutional

As they say, “a walk in the park”. Spring can’t seem to make her mind up this year. She dips her toe into the world, uncorking our pent-up optimism, only to shy away and let winter take care of business for another few weeks. It bodes poorly for the summer, though we’ve had years before […]

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Eddie Izzard Live: Force Majeure

Tonight we went to see comedian and “Action Transvestite” Eddie Izzard at the Heineken Music Hall, my second experience of the high-heeled madman’s performance. The show was a bit short, it seemed, but I only noticed that in retrospect. He’s an acquired taste for some, but I’ve always found him an utterly intoxicating raconteur. He […]

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Elf Fantasy Fair

This afternoon, my friends and I visited the Elf Fantasy Fair, on the grounds of the beautiful castle De Haar. Last time I attended a fair like this I’d brought my 85mm – a splendid portrait lens – but given the magnificent weather I suspected the crowd would be too dense for that this time. […]

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Portraits in the park.

Fellow photographer, DJ and engineer Daniel Wood had a guest this weekend. Alex, who’s best described as the bastard love-child of the tenth and eleventh Doctor Who, was visiting from England. Spring sprung upon the country and apologized for her tardiness with a splendid, warm weekend, so we took to the park for some portraits. […]

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